Our children are the future. Join Susan A. Colton and Esther Tyson to discuss the state of public school education in Florida and elsewhere.  See how you can make a difference.

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Susan A. Colton

Susan has taught in public school classrooms and served as a highly respected, nationally recognized principal for more than thirty years in Broward County Public Schools, Florida.  She is a sought-after speaker, trainer, and facilitator who specializes in building relationships in diverse communities and putting students “at the top of the organizational chart.”  She offers firsthand perspectives and an insider viewpoint on the necessary changes that will benefit students, teachers, parents, and school communities.  Her passion is to prevent the privatization of public schools and bring back the joy of learning. Susan’s new book, Principal’s Passion: A Quest for Quality Public Education is an Amazon bestseller.

Esther Tyson

Esther Tyson formerly Simpson, was born and raised in the Chapelton, Clarendon, Jamaica. She attended Ardenne High School and then completed a Bachelors of Arts degree in English from the University of the West Indies. Her teaching career commenced in 1979 and this began a life of great involvement in the field of education. She taught first, at Ardennne High School, then Manchester High School and later at St. Andrew High School for Girls where she served as Vice-Principal. In the year 2000, she returned to Ardenne High School in the role of Principal. During her tenure, the school rose to become one of the top academic high schools in Jamaica. During this period, she pursued and completed a Master’s degree in Language Education from the University of the West Indies. She has received many honors from various organizations for her work in education including the School of Education, UWI Mona and the Florida International University.

She currently operates as an independent Education Consultant, where she assists leaders of schools and other educational institutions in developing optimal approaches and strategies to promote effective student learning. This has led her to travel throughout Jamaica training and mentoring Principals and teachers through seminars, conferences and initiatives by the Ministry of Education. She has written several columns on education and other social issues in the Gleaner, Jamaica’s and one of the Western Hemisphere’s oldest newspapers. Esther is a member of Christian Life Fellowship where her husband Rawle is a pastor. A big part of Esther Tyson’s life story is how God has carried her family through the trials of her husband being left paralyzed after an attack by gunmen in 1997 and later when he suffered a massive stroke, which took away his communication skills. He now has regained some of his ability to communicate although he does not speak publicly. Rawle and Esther have three grown children who are all married, and they are proud grandparents of six grandchildren.



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