Becoming a successful fiction author isn’t easy; however, authors Mary Monroe, Kiki Swinson, and Zachery Tate will give you great advice and personal tips to jumpstart your dreams. The author of Like a Fly on the Wall, Simone Kelly, will moderate this workshop.


Mary Monroe

Mary Monroe, the daughter of sharecroppers, is the author of the award winning and New York Times bestselling God series that includes God Don’t Like Uglyand God Don’t Make No Mistakes, among other novels. Winner of the AAMBC Maya Angelou Lifetime Achievement Award and the PEN/Oakland Josephine Miles Award, Mary Monroe currently lives in Oakland, California.​​​​​​​​

Kiki Swinson

Kiki Swinson is the national bestselling author of over 30 novels and short stories. A star of the street lit genre—crime novels in an urban setting—Swinson’s works feature resilient women making tough, and sometimes not quite legal, decisions to survive.

Her novels, inspired by her experiences and a five-year stint in federal prison, have sold over 1 million copies. She completed her first novel, Mad Shambles, while incarcerated and her second novel, Wifey, became the first book in one of today’s best-selling street lit series.  A native of Portsmouth, Virginia, and a former hustler’s wife, Swinson resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Zach Tate

Zach Tate - America's Most Dangerous Author is a national best-selling prolific storyteller of true-to-life fiction who has now thrown his cap into the arena of educating the masses with his no-nonsense approach to non-fiction. He is the host and executive producer of the podcast, “The Great Zach Tate Show,” screenwriter, advocate and creator of God's Army, an organization to affect change by saving our youth, and a fitness guru with his brand Justalilmore Fitness. This profound speaker, entrepreneur and writer is a man of many experiences whose wish is to use his voice to change the world.


Simone Kelly

Novelist Simone Kelly has managed to bring love, dating, mystery, the supernatural and all of her other passions into the all-encompassing realm of storytelling. This includes business, since Kelly used to write books and draw its illustrations as far back as the third grade, when her mother made copies for her to sell in school.

The New Yorker’s playful sense of humor and love of adventure developed through the years to serve her well in international travels to locations like Peru, enlightening experiences as a certified Reiki-Master and in the demanding pace of being a media personality. Kelly enjoyed stints as a producer, manager and director with record-breaking startups during the dotcom explosion like, (HBO), and




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